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Last updated 03/19/2009
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The California beetle database
    Current Query : Find all Species where family = Tetratomidae.
    Number of Records: 9  
   FamilyGenusSpeciesAuthorIntro?No. Records
TetratomidaeEustrophinusbicolor(Fabricius) N1
TetratomidaeEustrophopsisarizonensis(Horn) N6
TetratomidaeEustrophopsisbicolor N1
TetratomidaeEustrophustomentosusSay N9
TetratomidaeHallomenusserricornisLeConte N6
TetratomidaePseudoholostrophusimpressicollis(LeConte) N9
TetratomidaeSynstrophusrepandus(Horn) N2
TetratomidaeTetratomaconcolorLeConte N7
TetratomidaeTriphylliaelongatus(LeConte) N9

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