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Last updated 03/19/2009
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The California beetle database
    Current Query : Find all Species where family = Melandryidae.
    Number of Records: 18  
   FamilyGenusSpeciesAuthorIntro?No. Records
MelandryidaeAbderabicinctus(Horn) N42
MelandryidaeHypuluscalifornicusVan Dyke N1
MelandryidaeLederiaarctica(Horn) N152
MelandryidaeMelandrya (Emmesa)testaceaVan Dyke N1
MelandryidaeMicroscaphacalifornicaBarrett N1
MelandryidaeOrchesiaornataHorn N1
MelandryidaeOsphyaessigiVan Dyke N1
MelandryidaeOsphyalutea(Horn) N137
MelandryidaePhloeotryafusca(Mots.) N7
MelandryidaePhloeotryariversi(LeConte) N4
MelandryidaePhloeotryavaudoueriMulsant N1
MelandryidaePhryganophiluscollarisLeConte N13
MelandryidaeProthalpiaholmbergi(Mannerheim) N38
MelandryidaeRushiacalifornica(Fall) N167
MelandryidaeSerropalpusbarbatus(Schall.) N1
MelandryidaeSerropalpussubstriatusHaldeman N51
MelandryidaeZilorahispidaLeConte N8
MelandryidaeZiloraoccidentalisMank N5

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