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Last updated 03/19/2009
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The California beetle database
    Current Query : Find all Species where family = Haliplidae.
    Number of Records: 16  
   FamilyGenusSpeciesAuthorIntro?No. Records
HaliplidaeApteraliplusparvulus(Roberts) N2
HaliplidaeBrychiushorniCrotch, 1873 N1
HaliplidaeBrychiuspacificusCarr N11
HaliplidaeHaliplusconcolorLeConte N30
HaliplidaeHalipluscylindricusRoberts N1
HaliplidaeHaliplusdorsomaculatusZimmerman N1
HaliplidaeHaliplusfulvus(Fabricius) N1
HaliplidaeHaliplusgracilisRoberts N3
HaliplidaeHaliplusimmaculicollisHarris N7
HaliplidaeHaliplusleechiWallis N1
HaliplidaeHaliplusmimeticusMatheson N1
HaliplidaeHaliplusrobertsiZimmerman N1
HaliplidaeHaliplusrugosusRoberts N1
HaliplidaeHaliplussubguttatusRoberts N1
HaliplidaePeltodytescallosus(LeConte, 1852) N55
HaliplidaePeltodytessimplex(LeConte, 1852) N111

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