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NOTE: As of 2014, the California Beetle Project page is no longer updated. The original database and list of California beetles in the menu on the left will remain for the time being, but the information contained within is not necessarily current. SBMNH Entomology Curator Matthew L. Gimmel has divided up the function of the original database into two conceptual halves:

  1. The SBMNH Entomology specimen-level database, including all SBMNH beetle specimens included in the CBP database, which is now available (and ever-growing) through the SCAN portal at

  2. A literature- (and available specimen-)based checklist.
  3. of the Coleoptera of California, which is being revised and re-compiled by Dr. Gimmel, and, as of January 2017, is about 85% complete.

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Last updated 03/19/2009
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The California beetle database
    Current Query : Find all Species where family = Elmidae.
    Number of Records: 23  
   FamilyGenusSpeciesAuthorIntro?No. Records
ElmidaeAmpumixisdispar(Fall) N18
ElmidaeAtractelmiswawonaChandler N15
ElmidaeCleptelmisaddenda(Fall) N23
ElmidaeCleptelmisornata(Schaeffer) N1
ElmidaeDubiraphiabrunnescens(Fall) N1
ElmidaeDubiraphiagiulianii(VanDyke) N1
ElmidaeHeterelmisobesaSharp N1
ElmidaeHeterlimniuscorpulentus(LeConte) N10
ElmidaeHeterlimniuskoebelei(Martin) N1
ElmidaeLaraavaraLeConte N8
ElmidaeLaragehringiDarlington N1
ElmidaeMicrocylloepusformicoideusShepard N1
ElmidaeMicrocylloepussimilis(Horn) N4
ElmidaeNarpusangustusCasey N3
ElmidaeNarpusconcolor(LeConte) N1
ElmidaeOptioservuscanusChandler N3
ElmidaeOptioservusdivergens(LeConte) N45
ElmidaeOptioservusheteroclitusWhite N1
ElmidaeOptioservusquadrimaculatus(Horn) N17
ElmidaeOptioservusseriatus(LeConte) N1
ElmidaeOrdobrevianubifera(Fall) N2
ElmidaeRhizelmisnigraChandler N8
ElmidaeZaitzeviaparvula(Horn) N52

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